Try Me; Silver Hair Wax Oribe pounds 11.00 Leading chemists

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Going grey has never been so chic. After Stella Tennant flaunted her metallic locks at the Chanel haute couture show in Paris in July, I decided to follow suit at the British Fashion Awards on Tuesday using silver hair wax by New York hair stylist to the stars Oribe (pronounced Or-bay).

The idea for silver hair wax is not to look like an extra from Star Trek but to give you a distinguished edge.

In general, I am not one for hair wax: it's sticky, smelly and takes ages to wash out. And it is not very pleasant to run your fingers through your hair, or anyone else's for that matter, when it is covered with a slick of the stuff.

Oribe's advises: "Rub a small amount in hands until soft, then apply to sections where tinting is desired." I did so and, hey presto, nothing happened. When I added more my short dark hair ended up in an Elvis quiff. There was an element of silver going on, but only just. I rushed out to the ceremony happy at least that I didn't look foolish. Once there, muted lights ensured that my attempts at an ultra-groovy hairstyle went completely unnoticed.

The trick with this wax is to go mad with it. Don't use it the way you would a normal hair wax. Gouge out lots of it and apply liberally. Once I had time to play around, my hair took on a new dimension. I did look a bit like Stella with streaks of silver here and there, and guess what? I liked it. Nevermind the comments of one colleague: "It looks like slug slime."

Oribe Pomade with Color, pounds 11, comes in gold, blue, bordeaux, brown, black and silver and is available from Liberty, Regent Street, London W1; Fenwicks of Bond Street, London, W1; Space NK, Earlham Street, Covent Garden and by mail order from Beauty Quest on 0541 505 000. The shampoo to remove the product from your hair, also by Oribe, costs pounds 7, and is also available from the stockists listed above.