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Trends come and go, as do gyms, but some tried and tested forms of exercise that don't rely on expensive equipment will always be with us.

In the latest issue of "Men's Health" magazine, a panel of experts has decreed that the best exercise of all time is a combination of running and squats. They chose running because "you can do it anywhere and it doesn't cost anything". And squats "build the muscle in your lower body better than anything else can".

Looking for a "mini break" which offers a little more excitement than a B&B and a walk in the country? Try ZenFly. They organise paragliding holidays, and claim you will be flying solo over the Alps after only three days' instruction. If you are not ready to take the plunge on your own you can take a tandem flight with a professional instructor. ZenFly: 0701 077 077 007, or

When women say that they need a new lipstick, they may actually be right, at least from a health perspective. Research suggests that men are more likely than women to develop lip cancer. Why? Because lipstick protects the lips from UV rays. A lip balm with a sun protection factor of over 25 is recommended; favoured brands are Chap Stick Ultra and Natural Ice Extreme Balm, as they contain aloe, which prevents chapping. If you are going to spend some time in the water, Blistex Ultra Protection is less likely to wash off than most.

"Windsurf" serves the UK's long-standing sailboard community.

The July issue is on sale now, and contains features on how to get started in the sport, the best windsurfing spots in the Grenadines and the top light-wind boards. More technically, the magazine offers advice on one of the trickiest manoeuvres in the sport, duck tacking. "Windsurf" costs £3.