Video: Piglet born in China with eight feet and six legs

A bizarre video from China shows a piglet walking around with eight feet and six legs

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In the last week, the internet has been dazzled by a bear walking like a human in New Jersey and a two-headed dolphin washing up on a Turkish beach. 

Now, a video has emerged from China of a piglet apparently born with six legs and eight feet.

The video comes from Sichuan Province and the owner of the animal, Mr Tang, said the piglet was born on 2 August along with seven other babies.

The piglet has its usual four legs but has two extra ones emanating from under its belly. The legs do not appear to hinder the piglet, with the limbs simply dangling as the piglet walks around. More bizarre is there are two small feet poking out from under the belly next to the extra legs. Hence, the piglet has six legs and eight feet overall.

Tang said he planned to give the piglet a long and happy life.

It is believed the extra limbs is the result of a genetic mutation, the possibility of the inbreeding ruled out as the remainder of the piglets in the litter are entirely normal in appearance.

Source: Newsflare