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An oversized pair of shades not only looks cool, but will help protect from damaging UV rays too, says Rebecca Gonsalves

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As one of the biggest fashion exports from the southern hemisphere, New Zealander Karen Walker’s bright, witty and sweet designs have become a bright fixture on the New York Fashion Week schedule since the line began showing in 1998.

For her current eyewear campaign, Walker recruited four “interesting, inspirational and beautiful” New York women, aged between 65 and 92, including Linda Rodin, left, the youngest in the group. Photographed by Ari Seth Cohen of the Advanced Style blog, the images – which strike a balance between classy and camp – are proof that joie de vivre is not limited to the young, and a fear of ageing is the surest way to accelerate the process.

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Founded in 1995 in Los Angeles, this brand had no relation to the burlesque star who shares its name. That all changes for Fall 2013 though, as Dita Von Teese stars in the cult label’s new campaign story alongside tattoo artist Mark Mahoney.

Fittingly, given Von Teese’s retro aesthetic, the images were inspired by the sartorial sensibilities of JFK, Steve McQueen and Jackie O – “a time lost when people were more stylized and paid attention to every detail – especially their eyewear,” says Jeff Solorio, Dita co-founder.

There is a cult status attributed to the frames, each of which is handmade in Japan by master craftsmen.

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Henry Holland and his chums are hardly a big fashion secret – in fact his crew of hip young things is one of the best marketing tools a young designer could hope for.

But instead of enlisting the help of one of the more familiar faces in his entourage to front these images of his spring/summer collection, Holland plumped for Ioanna Gika of Los Angeles indie rock band Io Echo.

With style names and eye-catching designs that demonstrate Holland’s signature witty take on modern London dressing, this collection is one that will be seen at festivals and the most fun-filled parties of the summer. Indeed, Holland set such a tone when he hosted a pool party at Coachella festival in California.

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