Rebecca Gonsalves

Rebecca Gonsalves works on The Independent's Fashion Desk.

The 5 best vegan beauty products

The rise of vegan and cruelty-free products is cheering, as is the fact that consumers are increasingly aware of the power their purchasing habits can have

The 5 best hand creams

Ignored through the summer months, hand cream has suddenly become Rebecca Gonsalves' new must-have

The 5 best hair products for swimmers

One of the less pleasant side-effects of pool time is the toll that chlorinated water takes on skin and hair but Rebecca Gonsalves has figured out the best way to protect it and stop that unwanted chemical smell lingering long into the evening

Designer fragrances and niche perfumes from independent houses

You'll no doubt have noticed a flood of new designer fragrances on the market of late, especially as they're usually accompanied by unavoidable ad campaigns. That new roster includes exciting firsts from Miu Miu and Alaïa, and they will be topping Christmas wish lists in no time. Those are hardly the most mainstream of brands, which makes their presence on the scent scene far more exciting than another reissue of something altogether more familiar. 

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Autumn/winter menswear 2015: From Action Man to Oscar Wilde

From Action Man to Oscar Wilde – via Del Boy – the autumn/winter menswear catwalks took inspiration from a slew of familiar characters and the clothes that made those men. Here's our pick of the bunch – just be sure to wear them one trend at a time