Video matrix 09/06/2014


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1. Escaped veteran’s triumphant return

Bernard Jones gets a hero’s welcome as he returns to the UK after escaping his care home to attend D-Day anniversary celebrations


2. Brazil police fire on workers

Police open fire at a group of striking workers in Sao Paulo, just days before the World Cup is due to start


3. Thrill-seeking cliff divers

Daredevil divers perform acrobatic jumps off a 27m-high cliff as part of the Red Bull Cliff Diving Championship in Texas


4. Backstage at Cirque de Soleil

London Live goes behind-the-scenes at the legendary circus show, currently playing at the O2


5. ‘Suitcase scooter’ hits the roads

Sick and tired of dragging your suitcase round the airport? This invention from China has your problems solved…