Video matrix 18/06/2014: World Cup, armed robbery, British Army's Desert Rats and Dangermouse


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1. Protests in Brazil

Anti-World Cup protesters smash windows and graffiti local buses in the Brazilian city of Curitiba.

 2. Armed bank robber

Watch the moment a brave window cleaner saw off an armed bank robber after pointing out his gun was a fake.


3. Exclusive World Cup reports

i’s Ian Herbert reports from Brazil where he visits the ground of Santos FC to find out more about football star Neymar.


4. British Army's Desert Rats

A sculpture at Wellington barracks is honouring the last British soldiers to deploy in Afghanistan ahead of the military withdrawal later this year.


5. Danger Mouse will be back

Danger Mouse is to be brought out of his 23 year retirement for a new high-tech series to air on CBBC next year, so go back in time and watch an old video of the first series.