Video matrix 29/05/2014


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1. Google's car

Take a first look at the world’s first ever self-driving car, which looks like a cross between a Smart car ad a Cozy Coupe.

 2. Migrants evacuation in Calais

French police evacuate campsites housing hundreds of asylum-seekers heading for “El Dorado” Britain in Calais.


3. Dakota tornado

A group of oil workers escaped and filmed a tornado moments before it struck their camp in North Dakota, US.

4. Hawking explains how England can win

Stephen Hawking reveals his World Cup winning formula and how to take the perfect penalty ahead of England’s push for success in Brazil.


5. Daredvil climber

British professional free runner do “what he loves” and hangs from 150m crane on London’s Southbank Tower in extraordinary hair-rising footage.