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The idea of a legacy was an integral part of Britain's bid to host the 2012 Games, and this has been highlighted a number of times both before the event and after it. As The Independent begins a new series discussing the impact the Olympics had, watch the videos below to see what politicians and athletes had to say about the continuation of a legacy post-London 2012.

While there has been much less talk in recent months about the legacy from the Games, it was all most politicians could talk about before, and indeed in the first few weeks after, the Olympics.

Jacques Rogge - President of the International Olympic Committee - just before the Games

Tessa Jowell - August 2012

Boris Johnson - September 2012

Athletes have stayed fairly consistant in their response to the legacy question, talking about the need to inspire, such as Mo Farah, with Boris Johnson at a sports centre launch event in October 2012