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Israel: "I don't understand what is so serious about what I did," said David Yizraelov after being jailed on Monday for one-and-a-half years for cheating on his driving theory test. After failing the test five times, he took the precaution of arming himself with a pen with the answers written on it - but the examiners spotted it. The judge said: "Those who do not take their driver's licences seriously do not take human life seriously."

London: One of the more bizarre guests at the London Motor Show is the Frenchman Michel Lotito who, under the name of "Monsieur Mangetout" eats about a kilo of metal every day. He is currently munching his way through a Daewoo Lanos car. He once ate a whole Cessna light aircraft, but bananas or hard-boiled eggs make him sick.

Israel: On a busy road outside Tel Aviv, the artist Avi Nahmias has painted a mural consisting of a 12-foot-high portrait of the late Princess Diana and the message "Drive Carefully".

Japan: A "Hair Station" has opened in Tokyo where you can have a haircut while your car is being serviced, all in 15 minutes.