11% of women say their partner never whispers "I love you".

38% of men consider Demi Moore their perfect fantasy.

43% of British women say their ideal man would be a friendly and loyal Labrador rather than a panther, chipmunk or gorilla.

50% of Americans would rather make love than be President for a day.

54% of British adults thought that there was too much coverage of the death of Princess Diana by the media.

55% of women want chocolates for Christmas.

71% of American men are satisfied with the size of their partner's breasts.

80% of boys aged 7 to 14 have no intention of doing the household cooking when they grow up.

81% of people would rather see a satsuma at the bottom of their Christmas stocking than a pair of socks.

84% of women would dump their partner if they found he was having an affair.

95% of British adults think the press goes too far in covering private lives of the famous.

Surveys by: Premier Gifts, British Egg Information Service, `That's Life!' magazine, CIA Sensor and Durex.