Sibyls were ancient priestesses, the wise chicks who kept the oracles of the Gods. Today, Sibyls are the newest idea in jewellery, created by designer Diana Porter. They are 5cm long tags in pewter, silver, or 9ct gold and have empowering words carved in them: calm, powerful, open, vision, strong, pleasure etc (I'd have been sorely tempted to make sibyls with not so sweet words - sad bastard, loser, bitch. I know this would have defeated the object but it would have been fun). You wear them on a chain, as earrings, or attached to a keyring. Splendid.

Prices from pounds 3 for a single pewter Sibyl to pounds 165 for a complete set in silver. From Sohi Soho, 5 Berwick Street, W1; Artique, The Watershed, Bristol. Call 0117 9414953 for mail order/information.