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A touch of class from Vauxhall

EXECUTIVE CARS are big, loaded with extras and built in Germany. Trouble is, with Mercedes, Audis and BMWs tend pounds 30K examples tend to cost pretty near that a few years later. However, there is a handsome German-built saloon which fits the executive bill at temptingly low prices.

Roll forward the Vauxhall Omega. It has a low image but high quality and ability. They are good looking, fun to drive and comfortable, but they just don't have the right badge. For just pounds 12,995, MJA in Guildford has a 1997, 15,000-mile, V6-powered CD model, costing over pounds 23K new, with all the executive car trimmings. Call MJA on 0500 699799.


Something of interest for savers

TO GET the best savings deal, you have to shop around. The problem is, shifting your money from account to account, while sensible, can get rather tiring.

To remove the need for this, First Active has launched a Fairdeal account, promising the average of the 20 highest-paying instant access accounts on the market. To spice things up, First Active is taking the average interest of the top 20, paid on balances over pounds 10,000 - where rates are usually highest, currently 7.37 gross - but in Fairdeal's case, applying it to a minimum balance of pounds 1,000. Call 0800 558844 for details.