Car of the week

The pounds 13,600 Jaguar XJ6

"GRACE, SPACE and pace" ran the ads for Jaguar saloons in the Sixties, a rare example of hype-free advertising. One thing about Jaguars was that they depreciated like a brick dropped from a tower block. The bad news for new buyers is that they still do. Which makes Jaguars great used buys, especially as owners Ford have improved build quality to stratospheric heights.

The beautifully restyled XJ6 in 1994 looked and performed brilliantly. In 3.2 litre sport trim it would have cost over pounds 31,000. But Kempshott Cars (01256 817356) has such a car, with 72,000 miles on the clock, a British racing green finish and a full service record, for just pounds 13,695. About the cost of a new Ford Focus 1.6 Ghia saloon. Which would you choose?

James Ruppert