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Caps in hand

Eddie George may not have done mortgage borrowers any favours this month when he refused to lower interest rates any further. But that doesn't mean there aren't good home-loan deals around. Savill Private Finance, has launched a range of two-year capped-rate deals, with rates ranging between 3.1 per cent to 5.29 per cent on loans above pounds 100,000. The difference in rates depends on whether borrowers are prepared to accept redemption penalties, which range from seven months' interest until March 2004 on the 3.1 per cent deal to no penalty at all on the 5.29 per cent one. The middle option of a 5.1 per cent cap involves a seven-month interest charge, but only for the duration of the cap itself. There are arrangment fees of pounds 280, plus a valuation fee of pounds 270. No compulsory insurance is needed. Call 0171-330 8550.