Under normal circumstances there would not be much to recommend a Vauxhall Monterey. It was a pretty undistinguished off-road vehicle, and this model has now been discontinued. This was perhaps surprising, because the Monterey was nothing more than a rebadged Isuzu Trooper, itself a highly regarded 4x4.

Essentially a Monterey is as roomy and tough as a Trooper, but the lack of image has meant rapid depreciation. It is not a shock, then, to find an unsold delivery-mileage example at Marshalls (01473 240200) on offer at pounds 18,995 a saving of pounds 8,000 on the showroom price. Tempted? Well, the V6 engine's thirst for fuel, at around 20mpg, might put you off, and expect even more depreciation over the next few years.