Good thing
Soap on a peg, pounds 4.50

Whether you leave an ordinary soap on the sink or in a dish, it always seems to end up in a pool of slime. In the Seventies, soap-on-a-rope provided a neat, if ephemeral, solution: you could hang it on a hook above the avocado-green sink unit and next to the deep-pile face flannel. Here is the acceptable Nineties version: soap on a peg. Just stick the plastic peg above the bath or next to the sink and slip the soap hoop on it. No more soap-dish slime. What is more, the soap is rich in glycerine and comes in colours such as yellow, purple and forest green. For the Shaker look, buy a whole row. From Aero, 96 Westbourne Grove, London W2 (0171- 221 1950).