Good thing

Glorafilia egg cosy needlepoint kit,

pounds 9.95

A do-it-yourself Easter present, with four designs to choose from: Easter chicks, violets, hearts or daffodils. You get a kit complete with canvas (on which the design has been painted), all the cotton you need and a set of instructions. Then away you go with your needle.

Glorafilia, The Old Mills House, The Ridgeway, Mill Hill,

London NW7 4EB (0181-906 0212).

Mad thing

Vet The Victim, a cat-nip doll for cats, pounds 5.10

Watch your cat (and our testers) go bananas. One whiff of the poor vet's midriff and they're off . Otto purred as he chewed its head, and then fell into a deep and happy sleep, chin resting on the vet's legs. Pansy's response was more spectacular; having clasped the unfortunate doll to her chest she somersaulted around the kitchen floor kicking out at its legs with her back paws. Every cat needs one.

Waggers Comfy Pet and People Products. Call 01392 881285 for a mailorder catalogue.


Top 10 Treatments at the Sanctuary Ladies' Health Clinic,

Covent Garden, London

1. Aromatherapy massage (1 hour) pounds 42

2. Reflexology (1 hour) pounds 40

3. Collagen Velvet Facial (11/2 hours) pounds 72

4. The Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience (2 hours) pounds 84

5. Marine Facial (1 hour) pounds 36

6. Seaweed body wrap (1 hour) pounds 45

7. Hydrotherapy bath pounds 42

8. Cleanse and Make-up (1/2 hour) pounds 22

9. Frigo thalgo (cold wrap thigh treatment) pounds 42

10. L'Ogigue de Beautie Facial (floral face mask) pounds 42