Box clever: REWIND

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Lee Evans Live - The Ultimate Experience (15), Vision, pounds 14.99 Yet another tape to add to the stack of self-idolising compilations from young comics. Labelled the Norman Wisdom of the 1990s, Evans's breathless comedy, here including excerpts from three UK tours, is exhausting to watch and not in the least bit funny. H

The Show (18), Entertainment, pounds 7.48 Here's your chance to check out the inside of LL Cool J's knicker drawer, should you feel inclined. Warren G, Naughty By Nature and Run DMC (do they still exist?) are among the performers baring all in this peculiar hip-hopumentary, with liberal use of the "M" word. HH

My Way - Sinatra's Greatest Ever Performances (E), VCI, pounds 14.99 A tantalising assemblage of the King of the Crooners, forming the perfect antidote to January gloom. Filmed in Tokyo, Hollywood and New York over 30 years, the collection comprises his most celebrated and downright cheesy songs. HHHH

Thrust SSC - The Complete ITN Story of the World's Fastest Car (E), ITN, pounds 10.99 Andy Green lets off some supersonic booms and breaks the land speed record. All stages of Thrust's progress is recorded, from computer models to the assembling of the car. HHH