The Treasure Seekers Carlton (U) pounds 10.99

Mr Bastable faces financial ruin if his latest invention doesn't save the day. His children don't believe it will and so set about finding their own solution. Edith Nesbit's enchanting children's classic bursts with excitement and shouldn't simply be reserved for the kids.

Soldier, Soldier Carlton (12) pounds 12.99

If you can forgive Carlton for providing Robson Green and Jerome Flynn (right) with a platform for their singing careers, then here's your chance to get the inside story. This video gets behind the scenes and reveals all about the private lives of the privates.

'Allo 'Allo - The Nicked Knockwurst BBC (PG) pounds 10.99

Monsieur Alfonso and Rene battle it out for Edith's affections, while Michelle decides to blow up General Von Klinkerhoffen. War-time irreverence, fish-net stockings and double entendres abound in Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft's chaotic comedy classic.

Jane Austen Box Set BBC (U) pounds 99.99 Though Darcymania has subsided, Austen's popularity goes from strength to strength. In a release surely aimed at hard-core fans, the BBC offers a mix of old and new adaptations of Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility and Northanger Abbey.