The making of the modern girl: part 2
These are the throbs most likely to set young hearts racing: at least that's according to the staff of `Sugar' magazine, who field more calls about these boys than any others. And they should know: `Sugar' is read each month by 260,000 girls, chiefly in the 13 to 18 age group.

Ronan Keating, 18

Angelic, boy-next-door type, from Ireland's answer to Take That, Boyzone. Recently confessed to being a virgin, despite enviable levels of female attention. Photo: Neville Williams

Trevor Sinclair, 23

Dreadlocked, goateed model and disc-jockey. On Saturdays he plays football for Queen's Park Rangers.

Damon Albarn, 28

Waifish, working-class wannabe, and ineffably trendy lead singer of Blur. Already nabbed by Justine Frischmann, ineffably trendy lead singer of Elastica. Photo: Reuters

Jamie Redknapp, 22

Liverpool FC star, signed to Boss as a model and doing his bit to get more women interested in the game. Photo: Allsport

Gaz Coombes, 20

He of huge sideburns fame; Oxford band Supergrass's cheeky-looking bit of `Alright'. Photo: Daily Record

Brad Pitt, 31

Jowly American film actor, whose shirtless appearance in a trailer would seem to guarantee a smash no matter what the quality (eg, `Legends of the Fall')

Matt Le Blanc, 27

Smooth, preppy-looking American, who plays cute but dim actor Joey in the top-rated Channel 4 US import `Friends'.

Photo: Rex

Liam Gallagher, 23

Britpop's bit of rough, from Oasis. Hard-drinking, foul-mouthed and tough as old boots. Goes out with Patsy Kensit, gets thrown off ferries and sticks awards up his bottom. Photo: PA