West experienced a sinking feeling when he saw dummy on this deal; he had obviously chosen a poor moment for activity. Keeping his head well, he managed to set South a problem and, as a result, escaped disaster.

South opened One No-trump (13-15 points) and West decided to double. North redoubled with enthusiasm, East passed ("It's your funeral, partner!") and West decided to ride out the storm. He started with #K and it immediately became clear to him that his partner held nothing. Indeed, all he could hope for was 210.

The problem, then, lay in burrowing his way into East's hand. To lead 2Q would not help: declarer would simply duck and then could not be prevented from eventually coming to his seventh trick in one of the red suits. Equally, a low club from West at trick two does not help: declarer would be forced to play an honour from dummy to keep East off lead. While West is able to set up two club tricks, he still cannot get his partner in.

West found the only way to worry declarer when he switched to 2J. South feared that East held the queen and would overtake, so he won with 2K. Now, when West got in with !Q and later !A, he was able to lead low clubs, forcing an entry into East's hand for the killing diamond return.

Love all; dealer South


4K 10 2

!10 6 5 4

#10 6 5

2A K 3

West East

49 6 48 7 5 3

!A Q 7 !9 8 2

#A K J 9 #4 3 2

2Q J 6 5 210 4 2


4A Q J 4

!K J 3

#Q 8 7

29 8 7