Ignore the Good Times

It is back and it is a still a hoax (we hope). The Internet virus newsgroup is brimming with questions from people new to the Net asking if the Good Times virus is real. They have seen a warning that an e-mail message titled "Good Times" is circulating - and that anyone who opens the mail will find their hard disk wiped out. The warning is a hoax - though it is itself a form of virus because it resurfaces all over the Internet every few months.

Bargain access package

Global Internet has just started up, offering what it claims is the cheapest Internet access package. Customers can buy the Total Internet software for pounds 34.99, and then pay pounds 7.50 a month subscription. The software is comprehensive, and includes an Internet Phone program. Call 0181-957 1155.

Now read on

New web pages: Apple Expo, 8-11 November at Olympia, London, has its own Web site at http://www.apple-expo. com/apple/, which allows you to pre-register for free entry.

A set of interactive World Wide Web pages has been developed at the Science Museum in London to allow people to learn about genetics. It is in the form of a "consensus debate", in which users are asked to make decisions about what they think are acceptable uses for this new form of technology. The address is: http://www. scicomm.org.uk/biosis/human/consent.html.

Steinkrug Publications has created an interactive short story on the Web. "LX" is the story is of four people ... etc, etc. See it at http://www.gold.net/ flames/.

New high-brow Web site: Wolverhampton art gallery and museum is now at http://www.scit.wlv.ac.uk/university/ sles/gallery/guide.html. Low- brow Web site: Anorak gives an update of the latest tabloid stories at http://www. anorak.co.uk.

Finally, it is Hallowe'en tomorrow night and the witch-crazy Americans have plenty of spooky sites. Try http://www.primeet.com/trix/ hallo. htm. For weird art, check out the "Nightmare Gallery". It is at http://thomas.balliol. ox.ac.uk/gallery2/index.html.