Cafe Society: Model employees

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In London's ever-expanding restaurant business, it's not just what you eat that counts, but who's bringing it to your table. Nikki Spencer reports

According to Emmanuel Menjuzan, group general manager of the Novelli restaurant group, "Now more than ever, when people go out they want to be served by staff who look good."

"Obviously, firstly we select people on their professional experience and qualifications, but then we look for men and women with a bit of style and a bit of class. With new restaurants opening all the time, you have got to get the whole look just right."

Recently, the company has employed a number of models as part-time waiting staff and Menjuzan would like to employ more. "I don't think you can ever have too many beautiful people," he says.

Sophie Grey could not agree more. Five years ago, she started up the Model Catering Company and last October opened the Model Cafe in North London. A model herself, Grey deals exclusively in male and female models.

"People like to be served nice food by an attractive, friendly person," she explains. But she denies that her staff are just pretty faces.

"I'd say about 50 per cent of models are a bit snobby and stand-offish and we certainly wouldn't take them however beautiful they were. We take the pleasant and friendly ones."


Model Cafe 697 Harrow Rd, NW10 (0181-968 9298)

Model Catering Company From private and corporate dinner parties to larger functions. (0181-964 1712)

Novelli EC1 Recommended if you want to be served by "incredibly good-looking men". 30 Clerkenwell Green (0171-251 6606)

Nobu New-style Japanese restaurant, a favourite hang-out for fashion industry people. The staff are eye-catching, dressed as they are in Issey Miyake. Metropolitan Hotel, Old Park Lane W1 (0171-447 4747)