`Can't wait till I'm 28': Generation y: Work

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David, 19: "I've got £1,000 in the bank. I'm saving it for a deposit on a house."

Jason, 21: "I'd like to have a family and my own home, but it wouldn't worry me if my children couldn't go to private school."

Mia, 16: "I hate my job and want to leave. But I don't have the money."

Tim, 20: "I'm content. If I won the lottery, I'd stop working and carry on as I am."

Samantha, 20: "I'd like to swap places with someone who knows what direction they're going in and what they want to achieve."

Dave, 17: "I'm worried about doing all this work, going to university, then coming out with nothing."

Matthew, 19: "I haven't felt like killing myself because of the pressure to achieve but sometimes I feel everything is on top of me."

Jamie, 20: "I got fed up with college and left to get a job. After three weeks, I realised if you get a job straight from school, it's going to be dead-end. I'm back at college, and prepared to work hard."