The Nature Company, Gatwick Airport
Atmosphere: "Being green can be fun - and expensive!" The kind of shop Ben and Jerry might have started had they not gone into ice-cream. Only UK branch of an American chain which has the logo of a nervous rabbit. Decor of blond wood.

Stock: Anything vaguely outdoors or New Age. For Wall Street bankers on vacation in the Adirondacks: a camper's espresso maker, pounds 21.95; a "hiker's plant press", pounds 8.75; or the "woodsman's soap and shampoo bar", pounds 5.25. For the kids, an "Audubon bird call", pounds 3.99; a book of wildlife photographs with 3-D glasses, pounds 7.99. And for Mom, how about some rainforest herb tea using "nature herbs from native peoples", pounds 17.95; or a recycled glass jewellery-making kit, pounds 17.75; or a CD of the Pachelbel Canon with ocean sounds?

Service: Vague. Possibly something to do with the "Enya plays pan pipes" Muzak.

Reasons to go: You have two hours before your plane leaves and this is a distinct improvement on Dorothy Perkins and the Sock Shop. You think you can bribe the children to keep quiet if you buy them a pack of luminous bugs (pounds 8.50 for 36) or a bubble-blowing kit, pounds 17.75 (no one said this place is cheap).

Reasons not to go: You hate animals and if you hear another Enya tape you will scream. "Last call" has just been announced for your plane.

How to get there: Gatwick Village, before passport control. Next to Warner's Store and opposite McDonald's.