Nigel Short has come back to life in the Novgorod tournament with three wins in a row. After a miserable set of results in the first half of the event, good wins against Gelfand, Kramnik and Topalov have brought him back to third place. With one round left to play, Kasparov leads Kramnik by half a point. Kasparov will play Short in the last round.

Another tournament that has its final round today is the Drury Lane Grandmasters, at the Drury Lane Moat House Hotel in London. With three grandmasters and seven International Masters, the event offers the opportunity for the latter to progress to the higher title. After six rounds, grandmasters John Emms and Bogdan Lalic led the field. Here's a quick win by Lalic. Note that 30.Qxg5 Be2 is mate!

White: Neil McDonald

Black: Bogdan Lalic

1 e4 e5 18 Be3 Be6

2 Nf3 Nc6 19 Bc4 Re8

3 Bb5 a6 20 Rac1 Ba5

4 Ba4 Nf6 21 Red1 d5

5 0-0 b5 22 exd5 Nxd5

6 Bb3 Bc5 23 Ba7 Ra8

7 Re1 d6 24 Bc5 Nf4

8 c3 Bb6 25 d4 Qg5

9 a4 Rb8 26 dxe5 Nxh3+

10 axb5 axb5 27 Kf1 Bg4

11 Na3 Na5 28 Bxf7+ Kh8

12 Ba2 b4 29 Qe3 Rxe5

13 cxb4 Nc6 30 Nc4 Rxe3

14 b5 Nd4 31 Bxe3 Nf4

15 h3 Nxf3+ 32 g3 Bxd1

16 Qxf3 0-0 33 gxf4 Qf5

17 d3 h6 White resigns