Steve Coogan, Dome, Brighton (01273 709709) 7.30pm

You could accuse Steve Coogan of resting on his laurels, of simply wheeling out the characters that have made him a household name in order to bask in recognition and collect more pounds 10 notes to put under (or over) the mattress. The Man Who Thinks He's It tour may not be big on surprises, but, by all accounts, Coogan dons his comedy personae with the friskiness of a new- born lamb. There was even a stop-watch present during previews, apparently to check that there was a laugh every 30 seconds. Tonight and tomorrow he stops off at his current manor before hurtling on to Cambridge and Leeds at the weekend. Sit back, switch your PC monitors off and enjoy trollop Pauline Calf (accompanied by a six-piece band), stand-up from hell Duncan Thicket, Portuguese singing-sensation Tony Ferrino, Paul Calf, and king of Pringle, Alan Partridge, with his Kate Bush medley. There's even an appearance by love-rat "Steve Coogan" for good post-modern measure.