Centenary Knees-Up. Purcell Room, SBC, London, SE1 (0171-960 4242) 8pm

If you like your dance as wild as the hills of Connemara and the very thought of Michael Flatley's mass-produced jigs makes you want to throw your insides to the wind, you should catch Clerkinworks in action tonight or tomorrow. The company, run by sisters Maire and Angela Clerkin - illustrious co-founders of the all-women dance group The Hairy Marys - specialise in reels and slip-jigs that don't just go through the motions. (The nearest thing to Riverdance Maire has done is her choreography for the cheeky Guinness-Harp commercial, in which pub punters' legs start furiously drumming the floor.) Their latest work, Centenary Knees-Up, celebrates 100 years of Irish dance in Britain by charting, through movement and text, the fortunes of three Irish sisters who come to live in London. The music borrows from Baltic syncopation, so there won't be any of your bog-standard 4/4 time, to be sure.

Dominic Cavendish