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The Warhol Look, Barbican Art Gallery, Barbican Centre, London EC2 (0171-588 9023) to 16 Aug

Andy Warhol was a constantly changing fashion statement, his pop art inseparably bound up with his all-consuming passion for style and surface. The critic Edward Lucie-Smith noted that he first came to attention in New York not so much for his illustrations, but because of the way he presented himself: he wowed magazine editors by turning up in old clothes "looking like some street urchin". The Warhol Look, which opens today, shows that sidewalk chic was just one of the many phases he went through in his quest to stay ahead for more than 15 minutes. It's drawn from the Andy Warhol Museum's vast collection and includes paintings, clothing, photographs, illustrations, reconstructed window displays, films and videos. If the exhibition doesn't take you back to the days when silk-screened Campbell's soup cans said it all, there are special events capturing the lifestyle of this fashion-victim-turned- abuser: "Family Factory Day" next month looks a scream.