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Deconstructing Harry, Cornerhouse, Manchester (0161-228 2463) 8.15pm
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Deconstructing Harry, Cornerhouse, Manchester (0161-228 2463) 8.15pm

Every time Woody Allen makes another movie (hardly a rare occurrence) somebody races to declare it his best ever. Pigs will develop an Air Force before everyone agrees as to which one really is his greatest. Annie Hall won awards, but surely Manhattan is better? What about Another Woman with superb Gena Rowlands? Or the joyous comedy of Manhattan Murder Mystery? In the US press, this, his latest, has been widely described as the best for some time. Here, Allen's central character is less "endearing" than usual, which will come as a relief to women in particular who balked at watching Julia Roberts fall for a man twice her age in Everyone Says I Love You. The cast list is typically eclectic: Kirstie Alley, Judy Davis, Elisabeth Shue, Stanley Tucci, Robin Williams... oh, and Demi Moore. It doesn't open until April so rush to this sneak preview.

David Benedict