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Mrs Dalloway, Manchester Cornerhouse (0161-228 2463) 1.55, 4.10, 6.25, 8.40pm

It is a truth universally acknowledged that brown is the new black, by which token Henry James must be the new Jane Austen. You looked at The Portrait of a Lady, you flew to The Wings of the Dove and any minute now, you'll be off to Washington Square (out soon, starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Maggie Smith). Over a decade ago, the Merchant/Ivory team led the way with their adaptation of The Bostonians, starring Vanessa Redgrave (above) and all you trendspotters out there would be well advised to check out her latest role. I put it to you that it may soon be a case of "move over Mr. James", because Vanessa plays the title role in Mrs Dalloway, the latest screen outing for Virginia Woolf. Ms Woolf, of course, did rather well with Orlando a couple of years ago and there's plenty more where that came from. Whether as smart a screenwriter as Eileen Atkins can be prevailed upon to write more like this is anybody's guess.