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Passport to Pimlico, NFT, London SE1 (0171-928 3232) 6.15pm

There's only one thing wrong with this picture: there's no Alastair Sim. Every other great British character actor is there, though, and on top form. An unexploded bomb goes off in post-war Pimlico and in the process unearths ancient documents revealing the area to be part of Burgundy. Enter Margaret Rutherford as a history don in transports of delight over the significance of the find and the scene is set for Henry Cornelius's delightfully preposterous film, one of the most famous of all Ealing comedies. Stanley Holloway is the fish-shop owner who becomes President of the new republic. It doesn't take him long to realise that his Burgundian citizens are gleefully immune from rationing, licensing laws and all sorts. The Home Office will have none of it, but our heroes fight back with customs officials and guerrilla activities when the water supply is turned off. Indulge in a trip back to more innocent days.