L'Appartement, Warwick Arts Centre (01203-524524) 6.30pm

"Comedy-thriller" is one of those terms that publicity departments slap on to films that signally fail to deliver in either department. Everyone wants to make one (including the Danny Boyle gang with A Life Less Ordinary), probably because they've seen and worshipped Hitchcock's North by Northwest or Stanley Donen's fantastic Parisian escapade, Charade. Unlike those two ravishing masterpieces, L'Appartement suffers from not having Cary Grant hanging about the place to brighten things up, but Gilles Mimouni's elegant first feature has Vincent Cassel (unrecognisable from his recent leading role in La Haine), the gorgeous art-deco apartment of the title, a satisfyingly complicated plot - and it is shot and acted with considerable elan.