Romeo and Juliet, Greenwich Theatre, London SE8 (0181-858 7755) 7pm

Young director Rupert Goold caused something of a stir with his production of his own adaptation of Graham Greene's The End of the Affair. He's back amid the trials and tribulations of love in a new production of the world's most famous love story, which did for balconies what Doris Day did for virginity. Leslie Howard, Laurence Harvey, Leonard Whiting and Leonardo DiCaprio have all given their on-screen Romeos (is there an Equity ruling about cinematic Romeos having to be played by someone with the initial "L"?). But who needs cinema when there's the thrill of live performance in the shape of Nicholas Irons playing lover to Kate Fleetwood's fair Juliet? Unless someone steps in quickly, this will be Greenwich Theatre's farewell production, thanks to the withdrawal of Arts Council funding. But hey, the nearby Millennium Dome is certain to take care of the area's cultural requirements. Isn't it?