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Never Land, Royal Court at the Ambassadors, (0171-565 5000) 7.45pm
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Never Land, Royal Court at the Ambassadors, (0171-565 5000) 7.45pm

"Extended by popular demand" usually means "we couldn't find anything else to put on", but not here. Phyllis Nagy's powerfully compassionate love story has been a complete sell-out so they've extended it until Saturday. The secret of its success? Well, Steven Pimlott's exacting production is alive to the rhythms and richness of Nagy's hugely emotional writing with its vividly theatrical swings from scabrous wit to heartstopping tenderness. Mark Thompson's superb design is not only the most atmospheric set yet seen in this difficult space, but provides a resonant visual springboard for the play's metaphors. And the acting? Quite apart from the grandeur of Sheila Gish (above) in full flight, there's the radiant conviction of Michelle Fairley; Suzanne Burden and Anthony Calf discovering the meaning of pity and David Killick's

spot-on portrayal of a good and kind man. If art really does aspire to the condition of music, this is one hell of a symphony. David Benedict