Bronte, Redgrave Theatre, Farnham (01252-720720) 8pm

Reader, I saw the musical. Actually, I didn't 'cos it only opens tonight, but, if everything goes according to plan, I shall when it goes on tour and into the West End. Those of you who have been puzzling as to what Emily, Charlotte and Anne got up to when they weren't wandering about the moors, feverishly writing fiction or locking up the drinks cabinet to stop Branwell from having one over the eight, here's the answer: singing. Not many people saw The Mitford Girls, the last real-life sister bio-musical, but I think that was because it lacked the tragic element:

no-one died of consumption. The burning question is what rhymes with tuberculosis? I suspect authors Peter Spafford and Brenda Cooper may duck the issue and opt for a variant on "TB or not TB, that is the question", but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. While we're on the subject, what about a musical on the Redgraves at this address?

David Benedict