Mink Bikini @ Flamingo W1 (0171 355 1545) 22.00 - 03.00 pounds 5

Mink Bikini present their first Miss World Beauty Pageant, so dig out your swimsuit and strut! Sounds by Vodka Doll, Miss T and Sabrina Duncan. Think love! Fashion! Glamour! Dressing up as essential as a fantastic pair of legs. But remember - leave your IQ at home.

Swaraj @ The Blue Note N1 (0171 729 8440) 21.00 - 03.00 pounds 5/pounds 3 concs

Swaraj has slotted into The Blue Note itinerary with ease, despite replacing the hugely successful (and influential) Anokha, blurring the boundaries between classical and popular grooves with a strong nod to Asia. Residents Outcaste's Nasha Experience and Pathaan entertain global guests and a crowd well aware that this is one Monday club well worth checking out.

Front @ The Zap, Brighton (01273 821 588) 22.00 - 03.00 pounds 3

Officially a student night but with a range of beats and grooves, those in employment should check it out, too. Tonight EASE from Nightmares on Wax pops in for some maverick aural stimulation. Apparently, the crowd is very lively, so wear yer dancing shoes.

The Lava Lounge @ The Underground, Town & Country Club, Leeds (0113 216 1138) 22.00 - 02.00 pounds 3.50/pounds 3 b4 23.00

The swinging sounds of Leeds. Sixties discotheque, soundtracks, hammond grooves and French pop. Tonight psychedelic popstar Leon Aziq pops in. "Like hey daddy cool, mama cat has flipped!" Wear nylon, paisley and a cravat and watch what you do with your cigarettes.

The Pinch @ The Gardening Club WC2 (0171 497 3154) 22.00 - 02.30 pounds 5/pounds 4 membs/pounds 3 NUS

Midweek gem in subterranean, intimate venue. Fabio Piras resides at this night that is older than most nights in the capital and is now well over five years old. Expect experimental trance and harder house antics rocking the arches.

Method @ The Blue Note N1 22.00 - 03.00 pounds 5/pounds 3 concs

Mixing drum 'n' bass and hip hop under the same roof may sound like a recipe for disaster but trust The Blue Note to give it a go. Andy C, The Runaways, Randall Sidewinder all headline.

Swerve @ The Velvet Room WC2 (0171 439 4655) 22.00 - 02.30 pounds 5/pounds 4 concs

Fabio returns to the West End with a new weekly around the corner from Mars where his seminal drum 'n' bass club, Speed, began. Tonight, it launches with Fabio showcasing his junglist skills alongside the groundbreaking sounds of his new label, Creative Source.

Club Mink @ The Aquarium EC1 (0171 251 6136) 21.00 - 02.00 pounds 7/pounds 5 b4 22.30

Three of London's strangest clubs get together to celebrate The Aquarium's second birthday. Magick, Fantastic and The Waikiki Lounge favour shlock rock, exotic soundtracks and indie dance over house. Tonight sees circus acts, exotic food and a very strange cabaret act. Dress code is trashy glamour and bring your cossies - this venue boasts a pool and jacuzzi.

Board @ South, Manchester (0161 831 7756) 22.00 - late pounds 4/pounds 3 b4 23.00

Very successful hip-hop night hosted by Fat City's Chubby Grooves. Expect the usual skateboarding, breakdancing madness with the added feature tonight of "The Northern Raleigh Chopper Review".

Harderlouderfaster @ The Office W1 (0171 636 1598) 23.00 - 03.00 pounds 4

Reaching out to the new world, General Hardern (aka Matthew Glamorre of Smashing fame) and friends take no prisoners. Free for those on wheels, this night literally unbalances clubland, helped along by a bosch and bass speed darkcore, death metal music policy. Very loud, very hard and highly unusual. Recommended for those bored of life. Please note - protective clothing essential.

K Foundation Burn A Million Quid @ Atlantis Art Space E1 (0171 591 5900) 19.30 - 23.00 pounds 5

Expect the unexpected when chaotic club promoters Arthrob get together with art terrorists K Foundation to launch their new book. Mad visuals, music and literature reading are all promised, but most interesting of all will be the presence of Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond reading extracts from the book, documenting how, in 1994, they burnt a million quid on the island of Jura. Strange, but is it art?

NASA @ The Gardening Club WC2 22.30 - 03.00 pounds 5/pounds 4 NUS/pounds 2 b4 23.00

Crossing the spectrum of house grooves Nasa (Nocturnal Audio Sensory Awakening) takes in progressive beats, Detroit techno, deep grooves and harder house. Richard Taylor resides and is joined by guests on rotation, including Lee Burridge and Dream FM's Simon Ralph.

Ultimate Base II @ The Velvet Rooms WC2 22.00 - 03.00 pounds 6/pounds 5 concs/membs

Carl Cox's long-running foray into house and techno grooves, much appreciated by the media and general public. But tonight there's no Carl! Taking his place is Underworld's Darren Emerson who should certainly draw a crowd.

Full On @ Nation, Liverpool (0891 518 200) 22.00 - 06.00 pounds 10/pounds 8 membs/NUS

Sister club to the phenomenal Cream, this kicks-starts the weekend nicely, with an array of big name DJs pumpin' out the housey stompers like there's no tomorrow. Tonight Graeme Park, Allister Whitehead, Jon Pleased Wimmin, Tall Paul and CJ Mackintosh will all skip along merrily clutching their record boxes (in Jon's case - handbag).

Kahuna presents Freaky Dancin' @ Smithfields EC1 (0171 236 8112) 21.30 - 03.30 pounds 8/pounds 4 b4 22.30

Much aural fun with new drinks promos adding fuel to the fire. Residents Dan and Jon Kahuna, Jerry Dammers, Pete Wiggs and Paul Hart are joined by David Holmes and Matt Flynt.

Milk 'N' 2 Sugars @ The Cross W1 (0171 837 0828) 22.00 - 06.00 pounds 12/pounds 10 membs

Sweet house grooves to warm the cockles of your heart and make you think that it's not winter after all. Bam Bam, Dominic Moir, Steve Lawler and Tom Dinsdale all crank up the tempo under four hot arches.

Ricochet @ Club 9 W8 (0171 937 9403) 21.00 - 03.00 pounds 5/pounds 4 b4 23.00

Showcasing tongue-in-cheek vinyl wizardry. This club produces its own fanzine and giving out prizes at the end of the night (best raver, best haircut etc) adds to the damn fine atmosphere. Tonight residents Duff, Jon and Jim fight it out with the Monk On Vinyl crew. Watch out - last month it all got a bit Balearic.

Clubocular @ The Blue Note N1 22.00 - 05.00 pounds 10/pounds 8 concs

A night exploring the crossover between film, music and graphics with influential film scores set against a diverse backdrop of contemporary soundscapes. Contributors to the night include Faze Action's Simon Lee, David Arnold and The Shaolin Film Club. This night runs in conjunction with Ocularis, a multi-media experience at The Lux (box office 0171 684 0201).

Progress @ The Eclipse, Derby (01332 600 700) 21.00 - 03.00 pounds 10/pounds 8 membs

With perhaps the cheekiest PR in the country Progress keep the vibe upbeat, the feet stomping and the crowd moving. This week DJ Dimitri pops in for some nu skool house madness. He joins residents Pete and Russell.

Sonic Mook Experiment @ 333 Club EC1 (0171 739 5949) 22.00 - 05.00 pounds 8/pounds 5 b4 23.00

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Sean McLusky's night of large beats, pop rock and hip hop attracts a large crowd of trendy groovers. Expect much chaos as beats merge and arrive early.

Triptonite @ The End WC1 (0171 419 9199) 23.00 - 06.00 pounds 12/pounds 10 membs

Journeys By DJs' long-running night, taking you on a musical flightpath through variable musical frequencies. Guests tonight include Phil Perry and Faze Action.

Hope 2 @ Bagleys Film Studios N1 (0171 278 2777) 20.00 - 03.00 Minimum donation of pounds 5

Held to raise money for The Meningitis Charity Foundation things will go on a hard tip with the likes of Tony de Vit, Darren Pearce, Pete Wardman and Rachel Auburn all donating their time. Go and club for a cause.