Tesco is advertising for the UK’s first professional ‘Christmas light untangler’

The successful candidate will need to have ‘oodles of patience’

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Think you can untangle three metres of Christmas tree lights in under three minutes? Then Tesco may have the perfect job for you.

The supermarket is opening the UK’s first Christmas light untangling service in one of its Wrexham stores and is looking for a capable, patient and enthusiastic untangler to help frustrated consumers this festive season.

Once appointed, customers should be able to take their tangled tree lights to the new expert and have their lights given back to them un-knotted in three minutes flat, with any broken bulbs or potential issues highlighted along the way.   

A Tesco spokeswoman said: “To help locals enjoy the festive season and relieve some of the stresses often associated with the yuletide season – specifically tangled tree lights – Tesco has launched a search for someone who can conquer one of the most frustrating jobs of Christmas.

“The position will require a friendly, helpful demeanour, oodles of patience and of course, the innate knack to be able to untangle even the most scrambled of wires.”