Ciao Baby: Farewell Wayfarer

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In 1981, these were the definitive beachwear style accessory. Unfortunately, this remained true for the next eight years. In fact, Ray- Ban Wayfarers never went away. Today they're still big with Sloanes and Euro-types and banks of cheapo imitations can still be seen clinging to railings on any high street or market square.

We think it's time to wave them goodbye. Why?

Because Tom Cruise (remember Class?) wore them. And Kevin Costner still does (in all his movies).

Because you don't surf, and we aren't in the Fifties.

Because the 1980s are finally over (since Labour got in).

Because they're the kind of sunglasses children put on their teddy bears.

Yes, its time to say Ciao baby to this over tired icon. Bye bye baby, bye bye.