The Departure Lounge, at Velvet Underground, 143 Charing Cross Road, London WC2 (0171-439 4655) . tomorrow, 7pm-midnight, pounds 5

Sunday is an integral part of a good clubbing weekend. After all, it's in the small hours of Sunday morning that thousands of bleary-eyed clubbers meander home with a high-pitched ringing in their ears.

Sundays are all about recharging the batteries, but after lounging on the sofa watching football all afternoon, what do you do?

Restarching your Monday morning work shirt is one option, but those of you who try to cultivate a social life should don something a little more comfortable, beat a path down to WC2 and check into the Departure Lounge.

For a mere five pounds sterling you can enjoy a relaxed trip to the land of chill. The vibe here is interactive and sociable. The Velvet Underground is a small, but perfectly formed venue that will enhance your relaxing journey - "laid back" is the night's maxim.

This gig looks set to provide burnt-out clubbers with a fantasy realm where they can talk with friends about how they used to rave for 48 hours straight. Consequently, the faces will be mature and almost certainly smiling, as the DJs are committed to playing innovative and experimental sets.

Promoter Jason Moore (part of the Triptonite, at The End, crew) has scraped up a few mates to help out on opening night: Mr C, Sarah HB, Jason and Toby Martin, Bell & Dave (of Hell's Kitchen), and Shades of Rhythm will all be performing. The excellent Carl Cox will also be bringing his unique mixing manoeuvres to the Technics while Miles Holloway and Elliot Eastwick are monthly residents.

If that's not enough, the Departure Lounge collective launches its first single, "Nu Odyssey" tomorrow.

Don't miss the flight and listen to tales of how good it was next week; get down there, enjoy the trip and burn the candle at both ends before your wick dies out. This is one launch party you don't want to miss - especially if you've always wanted to travel First Class!

EYE ON THE PRIZE Courtesy of designer Teddy Smith, we have five exclusive Departure Lounge T-shirts to give away. Five winners will also win a pair of tickets for the next Departure Lounge gig, a Triptonite CD and "More Protein" goodies. Send postcards to Departure Lounge comp, Alister Morgan on Clubs, The Independent, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DL by 21 Aug