House of Fun, The Forum, Kentish Town, London. Sat 10.30pm-2.30am pounds 7/pounds 5 members (membership free)

There's something about disco that makes people cringe. Yet, the truth is that, deep down, there's nothing we like more and the enduring success of clubs such as Starsky and Hutch and Carwash testify to our insatiable appetite for nostalgia.

Disco sounds are often dressed up as "rare" or "retro" grooves, but don't be fooled. Abba's recent revival saw millions of albums sold, yet no one admits to owning one. Meanwhile Abba wannabes, Bjorn Again continue to say "Thank You for the Music" all around the world.

House of Fun at The Forum, the brainchild of DJ Stevie Pee, has been running for two years and is always bumpin' on Saturday nights. Catering for those who like to step back in time, it serves up a cocktail of 1970s disco anthems and 1980s new wave classics.

Immaculately dressed in 1970s garb, Dee mans the decks himself, spinning all the tunes you want to hear, and a few you'd forgotten.

While many patrons embrace the invitation to dress up, there is no strict dress code. As befits its name, the clientele is mature, friendly and out to have a good time. No pretensions here - any posers in this club add to the sense of fun.

So, strap on those platform shoes, iron those silk flares and tick out your afro. If you know the actions to "Y.M.C.A" then beat a path to north London tonight.


In 1997, South looks set to host some of the most innovative nights in the land. Blueprint fuses "bass-ic beats, industrial dub funk, and airborne drum 'n' bass". Ben Watt guests on decks with backup from Jason Boardman. What more do want?

Blueprint at South, 4a South King Street, Manchester (0161-831 7756). Thur 10pm-2am, pounds 4/pounds 3 NUS