@ the complex

There's something for everyone at this gig. The multi-floored venue provides the perfect platform for a plethora of musical styles: drum 'n' bass, garage, hard house, R'n'B and hip hop. Live PAs downstairs always throw up some cheeky surprises; live percussion and world beat have both featured in the past.

Tee Harris, Lex Baby, T-Money, Femi Fem, Manny D and Daz Automatic all feature on the Technics. The crowd here spend their time sampling all the fruits on offer, so the stairwells get very busy. Arrive early to avoid the queues.

Saturday, Parkfield Street N1 (0171-288 1986) 10pm-5am pounds 10

Recently, the Fridge has been overshadowed by its baby brother, the Fridge Bar. Everyone knows about the hugely successful gay night, Love Muscle, but it has been a while since another regular event caught the public imagination.

Escape From Samsara offers psychedelic trance and uplifting techno with real conviction (there's no other way really) on the second, third and last Friday of every month.

The night's grungy air is well suited to the cavernous interior of the Fridge and the event always attracts a wonderfully diverse group of clubbers. A young and energetic crowd mix with the odd hippy for a storming night out.

If you're out and about in Brixton early on Saturday morning you can catch them munching in the local bars with hypnotic smiles on their faces - it's always the sign of a cracking night.

Friday, Town Hall Parade, Brixton Hill, SW2 (0171-326 5100) 10pm-6am, pounds 10/pounds 12 on the door

It's not often possible to combine the words "cool clubbing" and "Leicester Square" in the same sentence. Great for cinema but very bad for clubs; Equinox and Stringfellows - enough said!

The JazBah is attempting to redress the balance by offering a relaxed and informal atmosphere. There's no dress code here and, with reasonably priced booze on offer, the social vibe is always inviting.

The music policy thrives on variety: acid jazz, afro-Latin, funk, hip-hop and rare grooves all get their turn on the Technics. The clientele is as varied as the music policy, with suits and urban hipsters blending into the general melee.

Friday, next door to Equinox, Leicester Square W1 (0171-738 8527) 10pm- 3.30am, pounds 3 before 10.30pm/pounds 5 after

The Aquarium is enjoying a bit of a renaissance of late and this Sunday- night gem can accept most of the credit for this. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly (who needs attitude on a Sunday night?) with everybody in the mood for socialising.

This is a good venue for those who want to ease their way out of partying and into the beginning of the week. On second thoughts, forget that; you've got all week to catch up on sleep.

Sunday, 256 Old St, EC1 (0171-251 6136) 7pm-midnight, pounds 7/pounds 5 members