@ the complex

It's always more fun when you can have your cake - and eat it too. A night at the excellent allows you to sample the best in dance music. It doesn't matter what kind of beat makes you shake, play everything from garage rhythms and deep house, to world beat and live music.

The multi-floored complex offers five floors of various excitement and very packed staircases. Mind, Body and Soul showcases on the first floor; tonight a live jazz quartet will be performing, while level two features phat beatz - the very best in hip hop, swing and R 'n' B.

Level three raises the beats per minute with a generous serving of garage, house and drum 'n' bass; the Soul Brothers and Mike Levan feature tonight. If you have any energy left, level four offers funky beatz and rare grooves and also a welcome chance to cool your boots in a sumptuous velvet chill-out zone.

The variety of the music attracts all kinds of revellers from house heads looking for industrial beatz to b-boyz in puffas nodding their headz to phat tunes. It almost goes without saying, but arrive early to avoid a very large queue.

Saturdays, 1-5 Parkfield St, Islington, London N1 (0181-961 5496) 10pm- 5am pounds 10

Soul movement @ The Clinic

Promising house music for grown-ups, this gig has built up a formidable reputation over the last six months. The formula comprises soulful garage, smooth house and classic disco with an Atlantic twist.

This is the perfect venue for some chilled-out start-the-weekend revelry. The vibe is friendly and the DJs keep the dancefloor twirling with a varied mixture of soulful rhythms. Flipping the script, rare grooves rule for one moment before 1980s funk is given a turn.

They promise "strictly no speed garage" and they probably refuse to play Gina G too - definitely worth a visit for that alone.

Friday, 13 Gerrard Street, Soho W1 (0181-531 7659) 10pm-4am pounds 6

Kiss 100 FM's mother of all weekends

@ camden palace, bar rumba and MoS

This is one event that speaks for itself. Sixty hours of non-stop Kiss 100 tunes. It kicked off at 4pm yesterday and keeps jumpin' right through until tomorrow night. In total, eight venues will feature some of the country's finest DJs. Graham Gold, Gilles Peterson, Patrick Forge, Mr C, Nigel Ben and Paul "Trouble" Anderson. Peach, Moondance and Kiss in Ibiza Reunion are just some of the events on offer (in addition to free entry into SegaWorld today for all Kiss listeners).

All you have to do is say "I'm here for the Mother of all Weekends". Can you complete the "no sleep `till Monday challenge"? Only the strongest will survive.

Ibiza reunion tonight @ Camden Palace, 1a Camden High Street N1 (0171- 387 0428), 10pm-7am pounds 12; Garage City tonight @ Bar Rumba, 36 Shaftsbury Avenue W1 (0171-287 2715) 10pm-6am pounds 5-pounds 12; Mother Funking Sunday at MoS, 103 Gaunt Street SE1, 9pm-4am pounds 6