Collect Call: Nouveau psychedelia

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Alphonse Mucha, the Czech-born, Paris-bas ed graphic artist, is best known for his Art Nouveau posters (right) which later caught the psychedelic mood of the Seventies. He was also a brilliant jewellery designer and photographer.

The parure de corsage of his (far right) in gold, enamel, pearls and painted vellum, from about 1900, is expected to fetch pounds 200,000-pounds 300,000 in Sotheby's Art Nouveau sale in Geneva tomorrow.

His gold chloride photograph of a woman in her boudoir, taken about 1895, is estimated at pounds 800-pounds 1,000 at Christie's South Kensington's photograph sale, tomorrow (2pm, 0171-581 7611).

The Sixties toy model of an American Plymouth Valiant car, above right, looks as though it might have been scratched by a spoilt child. In fact it was product testers, employed by its maker, the Japanese Bandai toy car company, who did it. What vicious fun they must have had.

The model is up for auction with five other Japanese-bashed cars estimated pounds 250-pounds 350 the lot in the sale of the German Arnold company's archive of toys at Sotheby's tomorrow (2.30pm).

The rare German Steiff rabbit skittles of about 1910 are estimated to fetch pounds 3,000-pounds 5,000 in the same sale (morning session, 10.30am). For more information call 0171-493 8080.

Royal relic for sale: a cotton rag soaked with the blood of King James, above. It is in an ornate case of macabre Jacobite relics in Jim Railton's antique sale at Kelso Racecourse on Saturday (9am).

They are said to have been given to a nobleman, Ralph Staudish, by Bonnie Prince Charlie himself. Puzzle: by 1730, the date inscribed, the Prince's grandfather, James II, had been dead for 29 years. Details: 01668 215323.

Pennies for thoughts: put 10p in this Eighties fruit machine, left. If it clicks up a maxim with all three words in the same typeface you win money. "Nobody Loves Everybody" wins a pounds 4 jackpot but "Men Offend Me" wins nothing. The jukebox is an artwork by 23-year-old Chelsea College of Art graduate David Cotterrell. He culled the winning maxims, including "I Resent Royalty" (60p), in a vox pop on the streets of Fulham. What is the borough coming to?

The machine costs pounds 2,000 plus VAT and is part of Cotterrell's show at the Paton Gallery, 282 Richmond Road, London E8. To 30 November (0181- 986 3409).