BASED ON the stories of Raymond Carver, Short Cuts (18) was Robert Altman's critically acclaimed follow-up to The Player. A mesmerising patchwork portrait of life in suburban LA, it stars Tom Waits, Lily Tomlin, Andie MacDowell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tim Robbins, Lyle Lovett and Anne Archer (above) -a better-looking bunch, one imagines, than Carver had in mind. Short Cuts won the Golden Lion at last year's Venice Film Festival, and has just been released on video by Artificial Eye. Tapes usually cost £15.99 each, but we have 20 copies to give away, as well as 10 books of the Raymond Carver stories on which the film is based (Harper Collins, £6.99). To enter, answer the following question on a postcard addressed to: Short Cuts, Arts Desk, Independent on Sunday, Canary Wharf, 1 Canada Sq, London E14 5DL:

Short Cuts, the movie, is set in the suburbs of Los Angeles. But where are Raymond Carver's original stories set?

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