(disney) playstation

There are only three months left until Christmas and that means it's time for the Disney marketing machine to leap into action. For all you Playstation owners, Uncle Walt has a special treat: the game, which in a happy coincidence, will launch just in time for the release of the film.

is described as an action/adventure game. This, as we all know, is a clever euphemism for a platform game. The player's job is to guide through three different mythical worlds, rescuing the odd distressed damsel along the way, before defeating the mighty Hades.

Being a Disney product, the game is extremely polished. The characters are wonderfully drawn, the animation fluid and the backdrops vibrant. At times it really does feel like playing an interactive cartoon, a feeling strengthened by the scenes lifted straight from the film which link the different levels together. The music, though, is typical Disney and, as such, it will quickly drive you to the edge of insanity.

Now for the gameplay. Or rather the lack of it. Unfortunately, in their excitement, Disney forget to include any actual gameplay in their product. There is running, punching, jumping, climbing, collecting coins and even lifting, but no gameplay.

is bound to be a best-seller this Christmas and kids will probably love it. But there is little here to interest the mature player - it's all been done before and been done better.

Released: 31 October, pounds 34.99