The bed has a slide, a rope and pulley system and a secret chamber with a lookout window

An inventive father has transformed two Ikea beds into "the most awesome bed ever" for his son.

Eric Strong designed and constructed the improvised piece of furniture complete with a slide, rope and pulley system, and secret chamber with a lookout window.

Mr Strong uploaded a video to YouTube showing a time lapse of him assembling the bed:

Deciding he did not want to spend thousands on an expensive new bed for his son, Mr Strong decided to come up with what he called an "extreme Ikea hack", which he defined as "An Ikea hack in which one or more components has been used in a way that is completely different from the original intent". 

He built the bed from four pieces of Ikea furniture: two Kura beds, the Trofast storage system and the Besta shelving unit. He took one of the beds apart to use its pieces for siding, panels and other elements for the final bed. 

Without drawing up plans, he assembled the slide, bed frame and secret hideout over the course of two months, spending one to two hours per night on the project. He built the bed separately, then assembled it in his son's room.

The hidden space under the bed is accessed through a bookcase, which is opened by pulling on a book. There's even a hidden trapdoor escape hatch.

Others have created their own 'Ikea hacks' and uploaded pictures and instructions to the Ikea Hackers website

"You don't need any special expertise," Strong says in the video. "Just lots of patience. And it's worth it."