Dance: All under one umbrella

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Although the Mark Morris season is over, Dance Umbrella has many goodies left to offer, from Siobhan Davies's `Bank' to Javier de Frutos' latest nude romp

It's time to dust off your woolly vest, get your chinchilla tippet out of the freezer and book up for this year's Dance Umbrella featuring contemporary choreography from Britain, America, Spain, Canada and, of course, Belgium.

Some might argue that the season's highlight has already taken place. Mark Morris's triumphant season at the Coliseum blew a considerable chunk of the Umbrella budget, but there are still plenty of jolly treats in store. New York dancemaker Stephen Petronio will be showing us more of his collection of surgical appliances (21-22 Oct QEH), followed by a national tour. His company dance a triple bill of new work: Lareigne, Drawn That Way and ReBourne.

Equally fashionable but far thriftier in the costume department is the Venezuelan-born, London-based choreographer Javier de Frutos (The Place 7-8 Nov, right) who performs to Puccini's Madama Butterfly along with two other chaps. "This performance contains nudity" thunders the brochure: I have a suspicion that de Frutos's many fans would demand a refund if it didn't.

Less familiar excitements include Company Maguy Marin (QEH 1-2 Nov). Marin once did a version of Cinderella in which all the protagonists wore obese india-rubber bodies. The choreographer brings her latest piece Waterzooi (Belgium's answer to bouillabaisse) which has music by Denis Mariotte and is a mixture of children's musical instruments and canned laughter.

Siobhan Davies returns (QEH 28-30 Oct) with a sumptuous triple bill that shows the scope of Davies' dancemaking: her latest work, Bank, danced to music by Matteo Fargion, White Man Sleeps (danced to Kevin Volans) and The Art of Touch danced to a blend of Scarlatti and Matteo Fargion.

Another doyenne of British modern dance is Rosemary Butcher whose challenging minimalist work is currently being given a retrospective. The two duets on offer (Riverside 22-23 Oct) span 20 years of creativity: Landings (1976) and Fractured Landscape, Fragmented Narratives (1997).

The Place (0171-387 0031); QEH (0171-960 4242); Riverside Studios (0181-741 2255).