How to tackle that tricky first date with Independent Dating


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So you’ve found someone online that you like and it’s time to take things offline. Yes that’s right; it’s time to see if your cyber romance can stand the test of real life, face to face chemistry.

First dates can often seem like the scariest thing in the world and deciding on what to do is never an easy task. However, here at Independent Dating we think first dates should be fun! That’s why we’ve put together a few ideas that should help to make your first date seem like a walk in the park.

Fancy a coffee?

Going for coffee is a great idea for a casual first meet. The relaxed setting and chilled atmosphere will instantly put you and your date at ease, making it seem less like a scary first date and more like two friends meeting for a chat. The best bit is you’re not committed to staying for hours like you would be over an evening meal. So if the chemistry isn’t there you can make a speedy getaway because hey, it was just coffee.

Pack a picnic

A great idea for an intimate first date with a fun feel is to pack a picnic and head down to the beach. Grab a blanket, fill a picnic basket with all your favourite foods, take a bottle wine and enjoy getting to know your date in the great outdoors. Although this date is weather dependent, it’s perfect for those rare summer days and warm evenings.

Date with a difference

How about trying something completely different like wine tasting? Doing something that neither of you have done before is a great way to bond over common interest. Classes such a wine tasting are becoming all the rage just lately, not to mention they are great fun too. What’s more, all that sipping on Merlot and Shiraz will give you a great excuse to relax and get a little merry.

Laugh out Loud

One of the most important qualities that people look for in the opposite sex, and most attractive, is a sense of humour; so where better to go on your first date than to a Comedy Club? It beats just going for a drink at your local pub and best of all, you won’t feel any pressure to be the funny one. Enjoy a few drinks, grab a few snacks and indulge in a lot of laughs; the perfect recipe for a great first date.

So why not take Independent Dating’s advice, take that relationship you’ve built up online and arrange that first date!